Tuesday, 22 March 2011

My new order at beautybay!

Hi again, I'm writing in english, because everybody can understand me:). If I'll write in italian/russian, it would be more problematic for some people.. Ok, Some days ago I got my parcel from England, I waited it enough to be nervous, coz it was sent 21 of February and I got it 15 of March:(, I lost my hope to be sincere, but fortunately, when I took it, my parcel was well packed, in fact, it was the most trendy parcel I've ever got:). Inside everything was ok, I'll put some photos for you!
Here are some products, that I bought.
It's my second nail polish from Nubar (Lavender shimmer), I'm goign to make a review in my youtube channel soon. Also I tried SilkySexyhair shampoo, the smell is mmmm:)))! Then I got the lipgloss Illamasqua (Move)- lovelovelove and the Tangle Teeser brush! In fact, I could buy in any other site, I just wanted these products and I found them only in this site, I'll make another order for sure, I found lots of interesting brands, like Babyliss, Bedhead, Jemma Kid, Stila, Cargo, Urban Decay, OPI, Orly, Essie, Mavala...I hope you like it:))).
Девушки, у кого есть вопросы, можете оставлять комменты на русском:)
Se avete qualche domanda, potete chiedermi in italiano, vi rispondo sicuramente!:**

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