Wednesday, 16 February 2011

My new order at the feelunique!

   Hi, I've just got my parcel from England and I have been waiting it for 2 weeks (including weekends). Maybe you know, that they have a free delivery service for all over  the world and it was very tempting offer:)). Firstly I decided to take only some products, because I've never tried this site before! I controlled a bit the opinions in some forums and I bought the following things:
   It was well packed, really very nice:)). As you can see, I took the professional shampoo Redken, I heard a lot about this product in youtube! Ofcourse I didn't try it yet, but if you're interested I'll let you know! Then I bought the small set of hand creams (Crabtree&Evelin), the lemon butter cuticle cream "Burt's Bees" and one nail polish from Nubar. And now let's see it in details:).
   My new Redken shampoo, it's for dry and brittle hair, it contains avocado oil. The shampoo smells very good, I'll try it later!
   Another thing that I got is the set of hand creams, they also smell good, my favorite till now is Citron, coz it has an amazing lemon smell and it softens my skin too! These tubes are really small, only 25 ml, but I like how it absorbes and leaves my hands smooth.
   Here is my nail polish and the Burt's Bees butter cuticle. By the way, Nubar is a cruelty free company. In the first photo the shine of the polish is not clear, look another one.
   In reality this polish can be used as a top coat and as a simple polish, it has lots of glitters, that change colours (pink, yellow, green etc). When I touch the surface of the polish on my nail I don't feel any glitter, so they're very delicate and fine. I hope you understand what I mean:))). So, here's another photo.
   What about the butter, its smell is gorgeous, without any honey, usually lemon is mixed whith honey, i don't know why...I've already tried this product and it really nourishes cuticle around nail and the smell of lemon stays a long period, so I love it!
   Why do I like this site? They have lots of professional hair products, that you can hardly find in Italy and in another countries for sure, the same thing I can say about skin and makeup products.
   If I need something I'll order again at this site, coz I'm really satisfied with the service and quality.
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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Сиреневый мейкап с палеткой от Dior.

Выкладываю фото моего мейка, в нежно-сиреневых тонах. Этот макияж я сделала с помощью моей любимой палетки от Диор из Duty Free.
Вот сама палетка, на ней отметила цвета, которые использовала, хотя на фото они выглядят светлее, чем в реальности.
А вот и законченный вариант с блеском для губ (Dior Addict 557), очень его люблю, у него замечательная кисточка, часто им пользуюсь.
Думаю, что это хороший вариант на каждый день, цвета не яркие, но заметные. Отлично подходит зеленым глазам:). Всем хороших выходных, пока!